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I am a self taught mixed media artist living in the UK, working as a full time Civil Engineer. 

Art has always been my passion, crafting and drawing from a young age. These days you will always find me creating something in my home studio.

My spare time is split between the two sides of my business; Art and Miniatures. 

Lucy Locks Art is where you will find mixed media paintings and inkings, as well as, my Youtube channel.

Lucy Locks Miniatures contains miniature fairies, dragons, spiders and much more; created from a mixture of felt, clay and beads.

Please check out my store for prints, merchandise and a selection of miniatures!




Natalie is an integral part of the team, working behind the scenes to edit my artwork, helping me create and she generally makes my life a whole lot easier! The Lucy Locks logo and branding was also Natalie's design and creation. To inquire about logo design please fill in the contact form.

Image of Freddie


Freddie is our sweet little shorthair, rescued from the streets and given all the love he deserves. Always needing to be in same room as us as he is such an adoring cat , helping us relax in the evenings with cuddles and head bumps; occasionally the odd nip! Cheeky rascal

Image of Mabel


Mabel is the new addition to our team. A giddy, boisterous English Springer Spaniel. Testing our patience on the daily, but bringing all that puppy joy - we never knew we needed! 

Expect to see a lot more of Mabel, especially if you follow my YouTube channel.

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